I am a web and graphic designer by day and a dynamic digital planner designer by night. I really just need a cape and a theme song and I’d be set.

I am a list maker primarily and until this year never really grasped the amount of following planners have toward their craft. And yes, I do consider it a craft and a challenge to balance and create a path to follow for yourself and anyone else you may have to consider when planning out years, weeks and days. I had never heard of Erin Condren, (and I live in Texas!) I had no idea of the groups on Facebook that share intimate details fo their planning and lives. I was completely woke to a new world of people who love to write things down and cringe when one of their pens has been absconded by a family member or co-worker. (I get that, really). But I did feel somewhat, less than in that I seriously didn’t have the time to maintain something that huge. It overwhelms me and I get stuck. So I make lists….lovely lovely lists with little drawings.

I started digital planning as a quest to help my daughter actually who is not yet in Kindergarten, but has been somewhat identified as having “executive functioning issues”. “What the heck is that”? That’s what I said! It basically boils down to how the brain processes complex tasks. The process of writing or planning on accomplishing things you want to accomplish…sound familiar? Anyhoo, My little boo has some trouble breaking things down and tends to get stuck…(this is where I started to recognize myself in her as well and a huge “holy cow, that’s ME!!” went off). This may not seem like a huge issue for a small child and it technically isn’t but when you start school it can quickly become a big problem and a life long one as it’s something that doesn’t really get recognized in schools. We never would have known any of this as we initially began therapy for speech delays due to ear tubes. Thanks to awesome therapists and early treatment, boo is doing tremendously better and we work on ways to combat the getting stuck part. This includes writing things down in order to make a plan or list.

We still have a wipe on wipe off board for chores, but my thoughts started turning toward how to help her in the future. She loves the iPad, so I started thinking about how to help her there. So how to get her to make plans and have fun with her iPad at the same time. I started researching if something like this existed as her therapists had ideas on visual breakdowns that needed printing, but that was a huge amount of money and time…something I think most of us never seem to have enough of. I found a small niche of digital planners and the eureka moment came. While there is a short history of this in existence, it still primarily follows the paper format of planning all the way down to the rings and spirals. As a traditionally trained graphic designer turned web designer and front end developer, I have endeavored to tweak the idea of what a digital planner is without losing the planner co dependence people have to their spirals…I find it a little humorous, but respect it nonetheless. I made my first digital planner in the summer of 2017. It was a very traditional looking one as I was simply trying to get my bearings around the whole process. less than 6 months later and a lot of grey hair, I’m completely immersed in designing planners on a digital platform that work for those who want nice but functional. I’m the dork who loves designing planners. Yes it’s cathartic and I’m working toward helping others be as productive and unstuck. Not a bad plan in my opinion. :)