Installing a planner from A Wild Plan

Dude, what’s with all the files?

So good news for iPad owners - the weird little glitch has been addressed and now you can download the zip file directly from Etsy from an iPad. And it’s not the obvious link you see either. You need to get the download page and click the download button in the upper right corner of your browser and select “copy to GoodNotes” (you may have scroll sideways to see it, you need to have GoodNotes installed first obviously). This will open goodnotes and even give you the option of what gategory to save it in! All I can say is sweet. Here’s a video on the process

Importing the file from an iPad

here’s the old stuff

Yep you get quite a few files. Why? Choices. Many people are now opting to only own iPads and have no other way of downloading files. This is a slight issue in that the native backup file from GoodNotes is a file. iPads don’t do well with just saving .zip files. There are tons of apps that will be happy to unzip a zip file for you but in this particular case, you must save the in tact and not open it. So really this option is for people who can download from a computer and save it to their file service like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Why is this preferred? I always provide a set of stickers with each planner kit. I’ve already cropped and placed each sticker in the planner saving you a lot of time and it allows you to just start playing with the planner. If you only have an iPad, the PDF import is the same exact planner, minus the placed stickers. You do get the stickers too they’re just in separate sheets for you to import and crop when you want to. That’s it…it’s all about the stickers. Until this gets updated or I find another method of delivery this is how I have to do things through Etsy.