Things I use

What is in my arsenal for planners

I’ve been asked this a few times by people who are looking to make their own planners. A popular choice is Keynote because it’s a free app that is included with macs and iPads. I don’t use Keynote anymore once I realized how clumsy it is for creating precise planners for others. It’s fine for wanting to make your own stuff and learning, but I do not recommend using this if you’re wanting to design for others. There’s just not much control there and it’s very limiting. Not to mention the file size it creates which isn’t great. I use Adobe professional products to create my graphics and I am not a true artist in that I do license and incorporate graphics in my planners to provide various styles. I want to give the best I can in a timely manner and doing all the things just isn’t possible at the end of the day. My interest is in planner design and not necessarily illustration. There are several artists out there who are brilliant in what they do and excel in other programs. I’m the weirdo who wants the shading of the paper imagery to look just right and is the orientation of the page better to write with. Somebody has to worry about these things.

Other Equipment:

  1. iMac for designing
  2. 12.9” iPad Pro for testing and compiling planner files
  3. Apple pencil
  4. PaperLike screen cover for better writing ability. I’ve used both tech armor and Paper Like and Paper Like is winning in the toothiness category of the feel of paper.