Navigating around GoodNotes

climbs up on soapbox This subject is possibly one of the biggest differences in all the digital planners you will find on the web or Etsy. Planners can range from having only a few links to 8000. This also is probably why you see such varied pricing in them. It’s quite philisophical really. Many want a replication of their printed planner, and linky-loos to every pre-created page for you can be nice if that’s all you’re looking for and have no desire to change or really have to learn the application the planner is working in (even with 8000 links you still need to learn some of it). You’re sort of stuck with what you get. For some, that’s fine because they’re used to it and it’s nothing a sticker over the existing page can’t solve even digitally. I get it and yes I’m working on a way to automate this as I see the demographic for it and it’s worth persuing as a planner creator to give the people what they want. The designer in me wants to rebel though… hence the name of my site, store and anything I do. I also see the creative side of people who plan who are constantly looking for ways to cover up, change or restructure their planner in a never ending quest for planner peace. Whether it be through fonts, stickers or inserts, the creative quest for organizing ones’ thoughts endures. My thought is that the planner itself since it’s digital should be able to evolve as the year goes on. Which is why I only do a minimum of navigation and hope that people will be able to use their creativity to fill in the rest for a more personal and personalized experience. I hope to venture even further to even give people a monthly planner that can be re instanced each month…after a month just start with a fresh instance - or daringly a new look. My point is digital opens up so many new ways of looking at things we should embrace this new wild frontier instead of linking it to death to conform to the print version…All in good time :) steps off soapbox

For the links to work in your digital planner, you need to make sure you’re in the “read-only” or “no-write” mode. This means the last icon on the right in the top-center icon set of the application needs to be selected. This is a fail safe so you’re not clicking links while you’re writing.

GoodNotes read-only mode

The Gallery View in GoodNotes has to be the most used feature for me when interacting with files. The four-square icon is easily accessed on evey page and scrolls easily. This is also where other actions like copying, pasting, moving and deleting can take place. It gives you a great overview of where you are. I have a video discussing duplicating of pages which shows this feature in action.

GoodNotes Gallery

Duplicating pages in GoodNotes

What does duplication of pages have to do with Navigation?

Good question! I am not familiar with every digital planner ever made, but in A Wild Plan Planner, if you want your new page to have the same look and feel and for the links to work, duplication and then pasting the page where you want it is the easiest and best way to do this. This is why I add all those goodies like food journals, and horizontal weeklies for those who want to change it up a bit…this Gallery area is where it all happens.

Deleting unwanted pages in GoodNotes

You also use the galley view for easy deleting of pages. For example, if the planner you bought came with all vertical weeklies and you wanted to use the horizontal one in the back of the planner, simply use the gallery view to select all the verticals at once and delete. Then copy and paste the horizontal one behind each month or whereever you want to with in the planner. The links update and all is well. Pay special attention to what the premade links are, I usually have the months of the year and 6-9 blank tabs that link to blank pages in the back.