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Hello Digital Planners!

So here it is my first post in what I hope will be of many. Posting to facebook doesn’t really allow an organization of thoughts so I will make them known here and then alert people who may or may not be interested in digital planning and all the things it has to offer. First things first, I primarily design for GoodNotes simply because it’s a Mac thing and as a designer I prefer Mac and can speak and help troubleshoot most of the time. I have nothing against the other mac apps that can be used but Frankly the amount of people who usually need some assistance is overwhelming when you cross over apps and OS. I’m simply observing that it’s the majority and I’d rather spend time designing very cool fun stuff than reading up on some obscure google app. I think there are enough designers out there who can specialize in whatever they prefer. I do think the GoodNotes people are aware of how popular their app is and are just as anxious to provide it to the Android masses but things like take time. Again another thing I’m betting on here so I will just keep sticking with GoodNotes.

Why do you do this?

I’ve read that planning actually helps curb anxiety. My weird twist on this is I enjoy designing the planners. Yeah. I’m that nerd. Really my goal is to try to make useful planners that don’t cost the world a million trees just so I can feel in control of my life. A worthy goal and it gives me a reason to write off my beloved iPad Pro. It’s also giving the husband and I a project to work on that may inevitably help a lot of people and potentially kids.

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