Let’s do the twist!

I have been experimenting with the GoodNotes orientation capability and I think I’m onto something pretty cool. Something even I as a Listy McListmaker would use. Let me just confess my life is very consistent and Habitual. I like it that way…no surprises. I’m seeing people who use paper planners seeing this in their lives and in their planners in that each week spread begins to adopt the same look only with different stickers. Yet paper planners have to start from scratch day by day week by week. I understand the desire to make things fun. I’m all for that, but having to resketch boxes and things that you personally are attached to seems a bit time consuming. And boy am I not interested in wasting my time. I’m currently in the process of designing 2 planners at once. I do believe though that this will evolve into all of the planners as I’ll be able to start offering Sunday and Monday starts to all future planners. I’ve had enough people tell me they desire one or the other and dated things seem to be more desired becasue people don’t like to put in the dates either…give me the stickers lady.

What else would make people happy?

Potentially, I could see a mobile phone template to go with your planner. I still need to experiment with this. Like taking your notes from your phone and just pasting it between 2 planner pages to coincide with a meeting or event. Although I still don’t get why people would want to plan from a phone. It’s counter-productive IMHO. That and I’m old and need things to be bigger. I’m compiling a list of projects that I hope will benefit all kinds of planners including the do it yourselfers…(i.e. just selling backgrounds). I don’t mean to be elitist as it’ purely I only have time to help with one application. I’m sure GoodNotes is working hard to make an Android version available, it will just tak a little more time.