An alternative to sticker books

Hi digital planners - one of the best things that has come from creating digital planners and stickers for iPad is that I’m constantly learning new ways to organize and deliver products. From you awesome people, I’ve developed new color schemes, designs and deliverables. In this case, a request from an android user who wanted to use my stickers but really disliked the idea of cropping stickers from a page asked about individual PNGs as a zip for android and pc users. This was after a huge overhaul in my sticker collection to provide pre-cropped stickers in GoodNotes to make the experience a better one. After all this should save time. My folly was thinking people would not want to manage the files, but it turns out that’s exactly what they wanted.

During my overhaul process of putting these stickers into goodnotes, I made myself a category to hold all the things and forever the branding girl made a sticker stationery sheet to place each set on for a nicer delivery. What I discovered was a very visual at a glance of my entire sticker collection all in one place. Once again, goodnotes UI beats the quest of creating links in a book. While this may not be for everyone, it is a demonstration of how a digital set up can be slightly different but better. I did learn that my dpi is higher than typical GoodNotes stationery, but that’s so the quality stays nice as you zoom in. I’m creating a freebie stationery set for your sticker sets if you’d like to try this method of organization. I’ll be most likely delving in to this kind of organization and planning that somewhat steps away from the current development of planners. I’ve had a few customers give me feedback on their processes and many are just not a typical routine planner in that they change the way they plan and work daily and your typical grid, week, daily simply isn’t enough for all the things.

Here’s a screenshot of the category when I was through

Sticker Category in GoodNotes

Creating your own sticker Category with Freebies from A Wild Plan

In an effort to help you create your own Sticker Category in GoodNotes, I’ve created several templates as a free download. Some have labels some don’t so you can create your own. The purpose of this is to make sure your page size is the same as a Wild Plan Planner. So the resolution matches and you won’t get literal sticker shock bringing in the stickers that become too large and fuzzy.

Here’s a video on how I created my sticker collection in GoodNotes