My first real “Collection”

With great pride and some nervousness - I have launched my Academic Collection. Months in the making with patient “testers” who gladly gave me feedback all in the name of making a better product. I’m really glad I didn’t give up on doing this. I know there is no one perfect planner - especially for teachers, but I’m hoping I got a good percentage of teachers and college students who could find these useful. A lot of thought was put into each and every one. The process has given me new insight as to how I will be producing planners in the future - vs. just one off planners as I go. My goal in creating these isn’t just a blank journal but one that provides more structure for those who like to have some flexibility but don’t always have time for the pretty part. It function first, then fun.

Here’s a video overview of the teacher planner suite

This product ended up in 2 distinct pieces for a very specific reasons. Firstly, it made more sense to break up the use cases where one was about the teaching part and lesson planning and the other part was more about the students themselves and the communication that a teacher has with them and their parents. In a physical world it might make sense to have these together even though it would be huge but digitally, I’m always looking for a way to logically parse and organize content. The class information notebook can easily be duplicated for several classes as needed without any real work or disturbing any of the teacher planner. The Daily stationery is a supplement that is not always a necessity for people but there as a flexible need for those who do daily pages. From once again speaking with users, the daily portion of planning is something that is constantly changing. There are some constants but really daily life needs to be far more flexible than a typical week or month. By taking away the hyperlink bottleneck (which may be solved with GoodNotes next iteration fingers crossed). Not having to be concerned with breaking anything certainly gives you the freedom to add, subtract and even change and rotate your pages as you see fit. I love the GoodNotes thumbnail gallery and out lines - it truly is underused and people seem to slowly discover it when the premade links only serve them for so long. Don’t get me started on bookmarks. swoon.

Here’s what’s in it:

TEACHER PLANNER DETAILS: (file size: < 10 mb) • Clickable tabs to the following dedicated sections and layouts: attendance, grades, lesson plans, seating chart, contacts, professional development, notes, emergency plan (blank to insert your schools own), each month of the academic year (July 2018 - June 2019), special paperclip links to blank page to store stickers for quick access. • school year at a glance, important dates, class expenses, semester objectives, colorful dividers to visually separate each section, plus additional blank tab for your personalization! • Dated months from July 2018-June 2019 clickable links to each weekly layout behind each month • Dated weeks with mini calendars highlighting the week and sectioned for personalized planning • Monday and Sunday start versions available in same listing. Simply download the version you need • Class seating dot grid (use with provided furniture stickers to layout your classroom!) • Clickable outline included for more in-depth navigation (for pdf readers that import PDF outline) • Contacts include work related and volunteers • Back of the planner includes 4 landscape orientation- grid, lined, dot-grid and blank pages, and 4 portrait orientation mode grid, lined, dot-grid and blank for duplication and personalized inserts where desired.

This planner layout helps create a perfect environment for planning for the year to each week of the school year.

DAILY STATIONERY (with fun cover) Daily layout stationery included for a separate daily log and flexibility from day to day requirements. Everyone has different requirements for daily life and life changes daily. The daily layouts offer a more flexible way to plan without adding complexity and file size to your planner by keeping it a s a separate entity in GoodNotes. Easily add new and personal pages as you go and create navigation using the GoodNotes bookmarking feature. Change orientation and links on a whim. Change and update as needed.

CLASS INFORMATION BOOK: file size ( < 8 mb) I made this a separate book since it dealt with a totally different and possibly content intensive subject - your class. This notebook can be duplicated to cover several classes. Each book contains a visual class roster where you can add pictures of your students. The pictures link to a corresponding information page about that student. These are numbered as well. Other sections include: • Birthdays • Parent Communication Log (for all communication) this can be duplicated and placed behind a particular student if needed. • IEP Goals with sample page - Section for IEP pages (mostly a placeholder as every school is different) • Notes Lined layout in portrait mode for easy note taking • Blank tab portrfor personalization

BONUS SPECIAL FEATURE!!!! Happy gram stationery that can be filled out and emailed to your parents on the fly straight from GoodNotes! Comes with 2 versions of a fun ageless theme. One where a photo can be added from your photos area!

Video on Happy Grams - (I swear this was the most fun I had on this product - I want a sprinkled donut award…who wouldn’t?)

I love feedback - While I will strive to meet most needs I know the teaching profession is a vast forest of change and complexity that is ever changing, but I have to start somewhere. :)