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Teachers, College Students, and Portrait Planners…oh my!

Wow, so I’ve been at the whole digital planner thing for a whole year now, and I have learned a lot. And have a huge laundry list of where I want to take my design journey next. What have I been up to lately? I started working on the teacher and colege planners since last December. A lot of research and re-working took place and I think I sent my saintly focus group several iterations before finally getting them to a place where I felt they were worthy of putting up for sale ….

The Teacher planner is a fully dated and linked monthly/weekly planner that goes from July 2018 - August 2019, has all the bells and whistles of volunteer tracking, class layout and several versions of lesson plannings to hopefully accommodate most teachers. If there’s one thing I learned, lesson planning is VERY personal. These are the sorts of things I try to cater to when designing a planner. Flexibility is key. One of the fun ideas that came from this was the “Donut Award” postcards that can be written on and then emailed to parents. the class layout stickers and donut awards were part of the unique features of this planner. I also attempted to get people to try stationery for dailies….never stop trying to get people to use the app navigation.

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