Autobackup in GoodNotes

What is auto backup

GoodNotes has an auto backup feature that is quite nifty if you tend to plan on different devices…and just generally want to save your work and you really should. Be aware though that the auto backup can sometimes get unset with updates. It’s always good to check on this every once and awhile or if you’re a really type A person you can manually back up your work each time you’re done with your files. When this auto feature is set, GoodNotes will back up your planner to your cloud drive (This can be iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive). The big thing here to remember is to backup your work as the default file. There is the other format which is a PDF and can be useful should you want to print your pages or email them to someone. However the PDF will be a flattened version of you planner which means it will be uneditable. So ALWAYS save as the file and your text and images will remain movable. This also applies to your hyperlinks. PDF will flatten the hyperlinks rendering them useless.

Setting this up is so very easy, I’ll just link you directly to the GoodNotes user guide on the subject