Stickers, Sticker books, and sticker pages..oh my!

Tell me about stickers and inserts

Stickers are what makes planning fun and the digital version is just as fun if not better…why?

  1. Endless reuse without loss of quality
  2. Transparent PNGs allow for more effects in interacting with the planner structure
  3. Scaling to fit and cropping within GoodNotes is super easy.
  4. PHOTOS are easily added and immediately
  5. Storing them is a breeze and not furniture to buy

A Wild Plan sticker page with placed stickers

What is a sticker sheet

A sticker sheet that’s made specifically for digital, will come as a transparent PNG file with all the images together. Sticker sheets can usually be imported into any notetaking app that can import .png files. GoodNotes has an internal app feature that allows for cropping of these sticker sheets so you import the large sheet crop each individual image and place it. This can be a little cumbersome which is why I include a a native GoodNotes file with already cropped and placed stickers. It’s also the reason people create separate “planners” to organize their stickers because once it’s been cropped once, you shouldn’t have to do it again.

Here’s a tutorial on cropping sticker sheets with the cropping tool in GoodNotes. It’s a little tricky at first learning the menus and clicking and holding but it becomes second nature after awhile.

Copying and pasting Stickers from a stickerbook or sticker page

This is for people who have already cropped their stickers or if it’s a Wild Plan Planner, you get pages with pre-cropped stickers ready to go. You would also use this method if you had a separate sticker book. With GoodNotes, you can have multiple planners open at a time and move from one to another. They’ve just added a drag and drop feature that I haven’t really taken advantage of because it’s a new feature to iOS 11 and to me can be a little buggy. I will have to be more confident with it before using it regularly. I’m a bit cynical like that.

Inserts or just really big stickers

Inserts are pretty nice in that it’s a way for someone to create a unique layout that they may want or need. This usually involves trackers, boxes or lists that weren’t included with the initial planner. These inserts can be bought on etsy, you can try creating them yourself, and many have tried to retrofit printables they bought originally created for print. Here’s where I get on my soapbox again. These are still images, and if not properly created they can be huge in file size. Take caution if you make them yourself and make them transparent PNG if possible. I try to make my inserts fit my planners perfectly. GoodNotes is a little fuzzy with images and from what I can tell will attempt to downsize or optimize images as it sees fit. Vector based art is truly the best way to create most things and them save as a raster PNG file. Quality of your images will vary depending on how they were created in the first place. If you look at most of the User Guides for the note taking applications they do express caution in using too many images. I love seeing the full background image people try to use in their month and weekly layouts but I have to wonder if their performance is slowed after awhile. Again, something to consider when choosing how you want to digitallly plan. Maybe a monthly planner is a better path for people who love images. I love images too but really they should be used sparingly if they’re complex or did not initially begin as a vector based file.

Here’s a quick tutorial on placing inserts. Basically a big sticker. If you find you need something a lot more than once or twice, consider adding it as part of a template of the planner versus haveing to add more inserts and weight to the planner.