Teachers, College Students, and Portrait Planners…oh my! Wow, so I’ve been at the whole digital planner thing for a whole year now, and I have learned a lot. And have a huge laundry list of where I want to take my design journey next. What have I been up to lately? I started working on the teacher and colege planners since last December. A lot of research and re-working took place and I think I sent my saintly focus group several iterations before finally getting them to a place where I felt they were worthy of putting up for sale …. Read more →
YES!!! Why yes, Virginia, Christmas can be in July. In an effort to grow some this year I am trying out King Sumo Giveaway app to start little giveaways here and there. I realize I am not the world’s best writer or the most social human being. My strengths lie in creating awesome fun stuff and pushing envelopes in that arena. So I should share more of that and people like free things. Read more →
My first real “Collection” With great pride and some nervousness - I have launched my Academic Collection. Months in the making with patient “testers” who gladly gave me feedback all in the name of making a better product. I’m really glad I didn’t give up on doing this. I know there is no one perfect planner - especially for teachers, but I’m hoping I got a good percentage of teachers and college students who could find these useful. Read more →
An alternative to sticker books Hi digital planners - one of the best things that has come from creating digital planners and stickers for iPad is that I’m constantly learning new ways to organize and deliver products. From you awesome people, I’ve developed new color schemes, designs and deliverables. In this case, a request from an android user who wanted to use my stickers but really disliked the idea of cropping stickers from a page asked about individual PNGs as a zip for android and pc users. Read more →
Well Thank you, Karla! It’s so nice when people know what they want because usually there are others who feel the same way. Hate on marketers who constantly want to know what you buy and your favorite colors, but the truth is they only want to make you happy by giving you what you want. It’s really hard to be a mind reader. Karla sent me a request to combine the Rose Gold theme (tweaked with Dove Gray) with the content of the hybrid landscape and portrait planner (it’s now my favorite planner and I think I’ll be doing more of them) Read more →

Let’s do the twist!

I have been experimenting with the GoodNotes orientation capability and I think I’m onto something pretty cool. Something even I as a Listy McListmaker would use. Let me just confess my life is very consistent and Habitual. I like it that way…no surprises. I’m seeing people who use paper planners seeing this in their lives and in their planners in that each week spread begins to adopt the same look only with different stickers. Yet paper planners have to start from scratch day by day week by week. I understand the desire to make things fun. I’m all for that, but having to resketch boxes and things that you personally are attached to seems a bit time consuming. And boy am I not interested in wasting my time. I’m currently in the process of designing 2 planners at once. I do believe though that this will evolve into all of the planners as I’ll be able to start offering Sunday and Monday starts to all future planners. I’ve had enough people tell me they desire one or the other and dated things seem to be more desired becasue people don’t like to put in the dates either…give me the stickers lady.

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Hello Digital Planners!

So here it is my first post in what I hope will be of many. Posting to facebook doesn’t really allow an organization of thoughts so I will make them known here and then alert people who may or may not be interested in digital planning and all the things it has to offer. First things first, I primarily design for GoodNotes simply because it’s a Mac thing and as a designer I prefer Mac and can speak and help troubleshoot most of the time. I have nothing against the other mac apps that can be used but Frankly the amount of people who usually need some assistance is overwhelming when you cross over apps and OS. I’m simply observing that it’s the majority and I’d rather spend time designing very cool fun stuff than reading up on some obscure google app. I think there are enough designers out there who can specialize in whatever they prefer. I do think the GoodNotes people are aware of how popular their app is and are just as anxious to provide it to the Android masses but things like take time. Again another thing I’m betting on here so I will just keep sticking with GoodNotes.

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